August Update

August Favorites.

August Favorites.


So August went by so fast.

I somehow read a total of 35 books. How? I have no idea… Especially since I had overtime at work for the past few weeks and felt like I read nothing… Am seriously baffled with how much I have been able to read this year, considering now I have passed my record for amount of books read in a year. And I still have 4 months left :0

Oh and also, I finally switched my Goodreads challenge to what my real challenge is (Because, I was so sure I wouldn’t be able to do it…). So now my challenge has been upped to 365 books. Eap. If I’m able to make it I will be so excited! Especially since I know that this will probably be the only year I can do this. Eak. 

Also starting to get excited because; 1. I only have 18 books left on my Must-Read-Or-I-Have-To-Donate-Pile, which is amazing since I think I was at like 100-150 at the start of the year.  2. If I complete the challenge before December I’m letting myself have a reread month (and at this rate should be done in November). .and 3. I only have about 20 books left to read that I got at TLA so now all my book piles are slowly shrinking. A first in a long time.

So yeah, it is finally started to show on my tbr piles how much I have read. And in a way helping that I have been in a slight book buying ban since February. Which is helping me keep on top of the piles, since I know I’m going to the same thing as this year that any books I got before this year I have read by the end of the year or getting rid of them…  So yeah.


So this probably has many sentence errors but honestly am just to tired to fix them so yeah…

So here is to another month of reading 😀



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