Every You, Every Me by David Levithan

Every You, Every Me starts of with the main character Evan waking up on his friend Ariel’s birthday, the first one she left. That day is when the pictures started appearing. Pictures of the woods, of him from that day nobody talks about, and most of all pictures of Ariel. Through the whole book it goes through Evan finding these pictures and trying to find out who is messing with him since he feels partly to blame for her leaving…

I actually don’t know how I felt about this book. It might be just because I’m used to how all of David Levithan’s other books are that I wasn’t actually expecting what was happening to happen (I actually hadn’t read at all what the book was about before reading it). I loved though how in the book it actually had the pictures that Evan was finding which made it a bit more creapy in a way.
So overall I liked it but not as much as his other books 🙂

I borrowed this book from my local library 🙂