Breathless by Jessica Warmen

Breathless starts with 15 year-old Katie when her father(who they call Ghost) decides to send her off to boarding school after her schizophrenic brother tries to commit suicide.And when she gets there rather than saying why she was sent there(because who starts sophmore year?)she decides to just tell everyone that her brother is dead.When he’s not.

The book takes place over the years that Katie spends there till she graduates.
Definitely not a light read because of some of the things talked about in it but a book that keeps you want more.

I borrowed this book from my local library 🙂


Coffeehouse Angel by Suzanne Selfors

Katrina does a good deed of just giving what she thought was a homeless guy a cup of coffee and some day old pastries from her Grandma’s coffee shop but what she doesn’t know is that “homeless guy” is actually a angel.
And he is out to give her what she desires most. Not going along with it (because when you think about it is kinda crazy when someone who looks homeless claims to be an angel) she just tries to go along with it since he wont stop annoying. But turns out that her just ignoring it she loses her best friend and her Grandma’s coffee shop is ruined. And on top of that she has no talent in anything! What is a girl to do?

This is my first book to read by Suzanne Selfors and I i think I’m hooked.It was so cute! I love the story plot and the semi-different twists in it.(and who doesn’t love romantic comedies that involving coffee?)
I also love how the cover looks where the girl in it actually looks like what i imagined Katrina to look like(and with the guy in the background :D)

I borrowed this book from my local library 🙂

The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott

One of the most important unwritten rules you NEVER want to break is to not like like your best friend’s boyfriend. Even if he liked you first.

In the Unwritten Rule it deals with issues you know can never really end perfect without someone getting hurt. You can’t help start cheering on them in some parts and crying in others.It also has qualities that normally people don’t deal with in books because it is such a tough issue,one where if you were to break that rule some people will get made at you but you made the right choice. Even if you end up ruining the relationship with your best friend.

I read this book through a book tour hosted by Elizabeth Scott