Just One Wish by Janette Rallison

If you could grant your brother one wish -one that you thought would just be handing him a toy and then he asks for something else- would you?

Seventen year-old Annika’s litte brother Jeremy has cancer and is about to go into surgery at the end of the week so Annika try’s to make it easier for him by getting him the teen robin hood action figure.But when she was about to give it to him she told Jeremy about this wish he could make,thinking it would be about wanting the action figure.But he tells her his wish is that the real teen robin hood comes and teaches him to shoot arrows.So after all weekend of her fretting how she is going to get him to come she decides to go and actually find the actor and ask him.

This book is really cute.Has some laughs and also some tears.You sorta like know in your mind what would happen next but then Janette Rallison would add another twist in there.Altogether i loved this book which shows yet another author has yet to write a book that has failed in my standards,though they aren’t really crazy snobby high.

I borrowed this book from my local library 🙂