The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

The Last Song is about 17 year old Ronnie during the summer before she turns 18 when she is forced to go to her dad’s for the summer who she hasn’t spoken to in three years.
It talks about those things you go through through your whole life that first kiss that actually means something, being forgiven, and just plain growing up(and taking care of the sea turtles).
This is actually the second book by Nicholas Sparks i have read(the first being walk to remember) and i absolutely love it. I can already tell this will be a book that i will be reread over and over again.It is just that good. I loved how in it you really got to see Ronnie grow from being a annoying teen to growing into a young adult.
The Last Song is told in 4 different views: Ronnie’s, her dad Steve, Marcus, and Will.
When reading this have some tissues near by since it can be quit a tearjerker even though if you where like me where i pretty knew how it would kinda end.

I purchased this book


Invisible I (The Amanda Project) by Melissa Kantor

Invisible I is the first in the Amanda Project and it is told through Callie Leary when her friend Amanda Valentino disappears and is sent on a mystery with two people at her school that she doesn’t really know at all and finds out she didn’t really know anything about Amanda from where she lives to her bio why she was living there.

Invisible I is probably one of the best mysteries i have read in a while,i really like in it how there is a glimpse of the different things Callie had done with Amanda before she disappeared and how it is woven in with her mother’s disappearance a few months ago. It was really cool also where i am familiar with Melissa Kantor’s other books(which are quite amazing)so i was used to how her reading style was.
i really can’t wait to see what the rest of the series will be like but something fun to do while waiting for the next one to come out is get involved with the amanda project at:

I borrowed this book from my local library 🙂

This is What I Want to Tell You by Heather Duffy Stone

This is What I Want to Tell You is told by twins Nadio and Noelle.From them telling their story in alternating view points, it starts at the end of summer when Keely gets back from england(with a secret) and goes to see Noelle but she’s not there.Nadio is and so the romance starts there(but they keep it a secret from Noelle).With Noelle at the beginging of the summer after Keely left she became friends with Jessica and all the wrong friends and ignores Nadio and Keely when she gets back.(dun dun DUN)

This is What I Want to Tell You by Heather Duffy Stone is her first book and it’s really amazing.Everything really fits great together,from flowing between reading from Nadio and Noelle’s view.It really shows Noelle almost liking trying to find out who she is and trying to show that she gets to chose what she does.And of course Nadio finds out what Keely’s secret is.
I think the only thing i didn’t care for was there was the talking scenes it can get kind of confusing because there aren’t any parentheses show with what is actually being talked and not what they are thining in their head.

I borrowed this book from my local library 🙂

Labor of Love by Rachel Hawthorne

Labor of Love is about Dawn after her junior year in high school and goes to New Orleans to help build a house for the summer with her friends.
The first day they go see a psychic to see what is in there future for the summer. But all of them don’t hear what they want to hear. Especially Dawn, since at her prom she caught her boyfriend(now ex) cheating on her and she was planning on having a summer of no dating but that is about to change.

Labor of Love is a great book for when your wanting to read about a cute summer love story.It is quite a quick read.The one thing i didn’t like about it though was there wasn’t a lot of depth in the plot but i guess you normally don’t get that in a lot of teen romances.

I borrowed this book from my local library 🙂